25 June 2006

The porcupine that roared

Northwest England is in state of alert:

People in northwest England are being warned not to approach a porcupine which reportedly burrowed out of a farm visitors centre and is now on the loose.Twinkle, a three-foot (0.9-metre) long female, escaped from her enclosure at Eden Ostrich World near Penrith, on Saturday, prompting warnings because her detachable, poison-filled quills can become embedded in skin, BBC Online reported.

This is a picture of a porcupine:

There is a sentence at the end of the same article that puts the story in perspective:

Twinkle's disappearance came after some British newspapers said police had received reports of a tiger on the loose in Yorkshire, northern England.

This is a picture of a tiger:

Apparently Twinkle decided to go for the big game. In order to avoid unnecessary shooting, it may be advisable to distribute the two pictures above to some trigger-happy members of the Special Branch.

And this is a quote from the... OK, you shall know:

Anchovy: Well I ... I've seen them at the zoo.

counselor: Good, good, good.

Anchovy: Lively brown furry things with short stumpy legs and great long noses. I don't know what all the fuss is about, I could tame one of those. They look pretty tame to start with.

counselor: And these, er, these lions ... how high are they?

Anchovy: (indicating a height of one foot) Well they're about so high, you know. They don't frighten me at all.

counselor: Really. And do these lions eat ants?

Anchovy: Yes, that's right.

counselor: Er, well, Mr Anchovy ... I'm afraid what you've got hold of there is an anteater.

Anchovy: A what?


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