13 June 2006

Mysteries of life

When you get an e-mail with "Don't get left behind" in the subject, and the sender looks to be a well known Nobel Peace Prize laureate, your first move is naturally to click on the e-mail to open. And then you get this (click to enlarge):

Then, if you are as slow as I am today, the brain starts to tell you that:

  1. This is not what you thought it will be and you are not invited to join a new, bold peace initiative that will turn the Middle East on its head.
  2. This is not precisely the way that the Nobel Prize laureate writes his name.
  3. On the other hand, he may have made a few mistakes on purpose.
  4. Then it explains why he is so sprightly at his respectable age.
  5. And yet - would he have time with all his jobs, titles and stuff to send you a personal message like this one?
  6. ...
At this point your brain withdraws for a nap, leaving you with a lingering sense of insufficient information and with a critical question: why put a warning about drowsiness on an erection drug ad?