29 June 2006

About the birds, the colors and the art of deception

Noun: deception
An illusory feat; considered magical by naive observers

The following picture caused me to think about the birds and their use of colors:

The images do not leave any room for doubt. It is quite clear who are the good guys: the blue sky, the boy, the flag; and who are the villains: the monster of a tank, the yellow dust, no human beings. Just to be on the safe side, the images are strengthened by the captures for more stupid readers:

Israel lunches strikes on Gaza after crisis over captured soldier...

...but Hamas are on the verge of accepting two-state solution.

Now, unless you are terminally stupid, the message should be crystal clear. Ain't it?

So what about the birds? It's really simple. Birds, at least the males of the species, use colors to attract the opposite sex. Undoubtedly, the colors may compensate for lack in other departments, such a mental deficiency, lack of agility, some problems with reproductive organs etc.

So what can I say: great cover page!

Just an aside: surfing for birds and their habits, I have stumbled on the sentence here that is strangely fitting the topic of this post:

Similarly, the parrot was thought to have no cry of its own but can deceive us into thinking that a nobler bird is on the scene.

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