14 June 2006

Discrimination by any other name...

Haaretz got wise to a story that stinks to high heavens.

"Non-Jews barred from Rosh Pina, Kiryat Shmona flights to TA" is the headline and the whole story, essentially.

It starts with the dispute between the carrier (Tamir Flights) and the Transportation Ministry about the budget for security. It ends with:

Udi Tamir, one of Tamir Flight's owners, confirmed Tuesday that non-Jews are not permitted on flights, saying he cannot allow all passengers on flights, because there is no scanning machine at the airport in Kiryat Shmona. Tamir added that he is operating according to security forces' instructions.

And with the mind-boggling in its stupidity reply from the
Transportation Ministry:

This is not discrimination, but a technical malfunction.

Fuck you, folks. It is a malfunction in somebody's brain. If you cannot provide security, close the shop. And stop the idiocy.