30 June 2006

Give these folks a big helping hand, please!

If you look at this new Zionist-looking button over there on the right side under the spiderweb of the Zionist conspiracy logo, you may click on it as well. It will bring you to a new blog named J-Blogosphere. Or, in other words, "the official blog of J-blogosphere".

As far as I can see, it was started by a group of youngsters with a dream. Which is always laudable, as long as that dream is not something the law will frown at.

From what I understand about at least one of the participants, there is enough energy for another ten or twenty blogs, and I have absolutely no doubt that this one will prosper as well.

So, folks, give a hand - and a link - to this blog. Or, at least, do not stand in its way, it may be unhealthy.