22 June 2006

The other end of a seesaw

The dust raised by a senile old coot of the left has barely started to settle, and here a malignant toad on the right joins the fray. Bradley Burston caught up with the idiot:

Referring to Sderot resident's anguished meetings Monday with President Moshe Katsav, himself once the mayor of a northern Negev town, and Defense Minister Amir Peretz, still a resident of Sderot, Huberman wrote:

"Yesterday it became clear that there are residents - it is unclear of they are many or few - who cannot stand up to the emotional strain of the Qassam rockets, and who have started packing up and escaping to safer areas.

"With all sympathy to the residents of Sderot, it is impossible not to recall those who certainly were in the place of the Sderot residents, but residents of Sderot are far from reaching their place, the heroes of Gush Katif."

Says Bradley:

In the end, Huberman's view came uncomfortably close to the direction of Peres' remarks.

Bradley is a very polite person. I am rather a Goon, so here is the battle cry of the day:

Idiots of the left and right - unite!