08 June 2006

Yes, it is ironic

It came to our attention (actually, the person in question (PBUH) brought our attention upon himself) that the honeymoon between two leading anti-Zionists reached a significant milestone. From an unquestioning loyalty and brotherly support, the relationship between Mark Elf the Jewish Leprechaun of Britain and Greg Potemkin the pious Christian anti-Zionist Prince from Georgia, is passing into a stage of meditative reflection. This is what Prince has to say recently:

A virtual friend recently asked me if I was indeed, a conservative. Apparently, since his blog and mine tend to focus on Zionism, and the new imperialism (which seems to have developed in its wake), and since we tend to agree on those issues, he was somewhat surprised to see that we come from opposite ends of the ideological spectrum.

It is, of course, somewhat ironic that my friend, a British Jewish leftist, and I, an American Christian right-winger, would find so much common ground, but the phenomenon is by no means unusual. In fact, I thought it such an interesting anomaly, that it was worth analyzing.

Let's leave alone the penchant of the author to pomposity (new imperialism in the wake of Zionism, indeed). Let's ignore the total lack of understanding of what irony and /or sarcasm are about (shared by his bosom buddy Leprechaun, by the way). It leaves only 5 remarks to make about:

  • The mere fact that the Prince finds it "ironic" that a British Jew and an American Christian may have something in common is telling volumes about this ardent anti-Zionist. I do not remember not only writing but even thinking how "ironic" it is that I have friends (including pen friends, as the many links on this blog are witness) of all colors, ages, religions and even genders (now don't start, it was a joke, OK?).
  • The merest fact that the Prince is surprised by the anti-Zionist unity of some people on the right and on the left is laughable. Just a few examples: Neturei Karta and Fidel Castro, BNP and JFJFP, SWP and David Duke,... And of course, I do not even dream about mentioning Hamas and PFLP...
Yeah. My advice to Prince - keep working on your irony and sarcasm. Not all is lost, and with more diligence you may yet get there.

P.S. Unfortunately, for technical reasons we cannot post here links to anti-Zionist trolls. This is the Elders' policy, so don't even ask. Google, man, google!