15 June 2006

Germany 1-0 Poland and others

They say that football is 90 minutes of sweat and then the Germans win. They also say that in September 1939 some valiant Poles attacked German Panzers on horses. Unfortunately, tanks are more persistent. Sorry for the warlike imagery.

Saudi Arabia 2-2 Tunisia. I don't know: 4 goals in that game still left me with an impression that I have seen some paint drying in a more exciting way. Does it make me an Islamophobe?

And, unfortunately, I have missed that Spain 4-0 Ukraine massacre.

On a related subject: CNN say A380 delivery delay irks Singapore. It's the Mondial, stupid! Brits, Germans and French just don't have time for it right now. And here a free advice: if you get a delivery on a date too close to the day when one of the partners loses a crucial game - check the thingie twice.