08 June 2006

Hope and beyond

There is a brand new blog out there you should visit, sponsor and otherwise blogroll. Here is why:

My name is Greg. My hope is that one day Israelis and Palestinians, Jews and Muslims, Westerners and Middle-Easterners will one day sing in the words of the not-so-old Israeli folk-song: Sing out in peace; Sing a song to love and not to war!"

My partner on this journey is Saba. She is Palestinian and Muslim. I'm Israeli and Jewish. Our goal is to bring more and more people to understand that the wars are fought between soldiers and terrorists, not regular every-day folks such as myself and Saba. We will try; we will fight hard but we shall not fight to win a the cost of having another lose; we shall fight for the common good. Our goal is a united world, where people are proud to be who they are and are different but at one and the same time know how to respect those who are different.

So, good luck and may this blog prosper. Let's wish them all the best.

P.S. My personal pet peeve - white text on black background is... argh!