15 January 2006

Ahmadinejad as prophet or Find The Imam game

Independent tries to decipher the mystery of Iranian president's strange behavior. We can mention with not a small degree of satisfaction that they are a bit late with that greenish glow issue. After all, SimplyJews have already cracked this one.

However, Indy people have opened a new interesting venue - Mahmoud the indefatigable and the "hidden imam".

"More worrying for some is that Ahmadinejad is closely identified with the cult of the "hidden imam", the 12th and last of the line of imams revered by Shia Muslims. In a clear parallel with Jewish and Christian visions of Armageddon, Shias believe the imam zaman will return at a time of great turmoil to defeat the forces of evil; recently the president urged Iranians to work hard for this moment. As one commentator pointed out, this was like Tony Blair telling Britons to prepare for the Second Coming."

I have googled for more info on that hidden imam, and one of the sources gives out a picture:

So, ladies and gentlemen - we have decided to start a competition. Those of you who succeed to find the hidden imam in this picture will receive a prize. We prefer not to disclose for now its nature.

To read more about the hidden imam and related issues - see the article "President of Iran: Hallucinations of a psychopath".