24 November 2006

You can always tell a diplomat

But you cannot tell him/her much, it appears.

Some 70 foreign diplomats visited in Sderot Thursday, to observe up close what life was like in the Qassam-battered southern town. Five rockets landed across the Western Negev throughout the day, causing no injuries or damage.

A mere 20 minutes after the delegates left the place, two Qassam rockets landed nearby. At that time, the envoys and Livni were already tucked safely at the local community center. The diplomats, who barely heard the "Color Red" alarm system go off, did not panic or appear to comprehend the commotion around them.
Indeed - who can tell with a diplomat when it is just the stiff upper lip or just lack of comprehension?

Whoever hopes the visit has a chance to change the voting in UN... aw heck...

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