30 November 2006

Michael Richards: Not a Jew

Meryl tells here the saga of that miserable jerk Michael Richards aka Cosmo Kramer of Seinfeld fame.

First, it appears, the ijit insulted Jews in one of his appearances. Following this, as a sign of repentance, he declared that he is Jewish

"Technically, not having been born by blood as Jewish and not formally going into a conversion, it was purely his interpretation of having adopted Judaism as his religion," Rubenstein told The Associated Press on Tuesday. "He told me, 'I'm Jewish,' when I asked him."
Uhu. Sure, and I am a six foot lizard. Er...

Anyway, what is his plan now, after insulting blacks? I mean, simply converting will not do, after all we have people of color in all religious persuasions, including Judaism.

Here is one idea:

Let him put some on his long tongue as well (beside self-punishment, it is nourishing as well - it says so on the can).

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