18 November 2006

More Vicious Than Rape

As if to illustrate the hypocrisy that permeates our endless debates on humanity, morality and justice, here comes a reminder about a "quiet holocaust" that goes on for many years without causing a significant ripple in the world's collective (un)consciousness - the tragedy of Congo. This is another chapter in the unending inhuman story of murder, cannibalism and genocide going on almost unnoticed.

People who think that they have already seen it all or, at least, read it all, should read this.

Warning: do not read this story if you are easily disturbed by graphic information, or are under age, or are easily upset by accounts of gruesome sexual violence.

This is about fistulas - and rape, which in Congo has become the continuation of war by other means.
(The warning comes from the editors of the article - it is US, after all...). Now read it.