05 November 2006

Say 'yes' to the 'hudna'?

Offers Elliot Jager in JP:

And, assuming the Palestinians do deliver, devoting themselves for the next 10 years to rebuilding their morally, politically and economically devastated society, relearning humane values and rediscovering a spiritualism that's not fixated on blood, I predict they will find most Israelis willing to compromise - even to the point of helping create a Palestinian Arab state.

So, were I advising our premier, I'd urge him to invite Haniyeh to Jerusalem and start the hudna haggling.
Sounds attractive, but there must be a catch somewhere, besides the auspiciously dangerous nature of the hudna itself. Yeah, here it comes:
If the other side can live without smuggling weapons and without training its young people for the next round of warfare, if it can retool its schools to teach hudna instead of intolerance, we should meet them halfway.
That is one big "if", Elliot.