07 November 2006

Another way to use women - the sequel

It did not take a long time to happen. First, the women are unashamedly used to protect the bandits hiding in a mosque. Then, with assistance of sympathetic media, the story is presented as a case of IDF intentionally shooting at women.

And now the next step - adding another myth in the saga of Palestinian "martyrs". Comes in the infamous Aljazeera.com with a histrionic headline:

Palest. women martyrs against the Israeli occupation

In another episode of protesting against the belligerent occupation of the Israeli forces to the Palestinian territories, we see not male resistance fighters being killed, but the women of Palestine, desperate to shield their men; sons, husbands, fathers, and brothers from the Israeli murderers.
Yes, indeed - a shameless attempt to create a smoke and mirrors screen around one of the more brazen stories of blatant and calculated use of women to shield the terrorists.

And you know what: being familiar with the dynamics of Palywood propaganda machine, I am certain that this attempt will succeed. In a few months we'll see another one of the Palestinian alphabet soup of countless gangs of "martyrs" proudly bearing the name like "Women martyrs of Beit Hanoun".

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