21 November 2006

Chainsaw, Godiva chocolate and getting rid of Fidel

Guardian reports on some interesting goings-on in Miami.

Cuban dissidents who were given millions of dollars by the US government to support democracy in their homeland instead blew money on computer games, cashmere sweaters, crabmeat and expensive chocolates, which were then sent to the island.

The Miami-based Accion Democratica Cubana spent money on a chainsaw, Nintendo Game Boys and Sony PlayStations, mountain bikes, leather coats and Godiva chocolates, which the group says were all sent to Cuba. "These people are going hungry. They never get any chocolate there," Juan Carlos Acosta, the group's executive director, told the Miami Herald.
While the chainsaw could be conceivably used by freedom fighters (no, do not expect any graphic details here) and the mountain bikes could assist same freedom fighters in a way, other items are more questionable.

Why, for crying out loud, instead of lifting that stupid blockade - a measure that will cause the whole rotten Castro regime crumble in no time - all successive administrations continue pandering to the hard core right-wingers in Miami? Beats me.