03 November 2006

Another way to use women

No, this is not what you may think, you dirty-minded you...

It is a creative idea by Gazan rocket scientists. It goes like this:

  1. First of all prepare and launch a few Qassams onto an Israeli city. In the name of Allah, of course.
  2. Then hide in a mosque when the bloodthirsty Israelis come to tell you not to launch any more Qassams. After all, these Jooz may be deterred by the holy spirit of the place. No matter that you used it as a regular shelter cum armory. That's all in the name of Allah too.
  3. When it appears that the mosque trick does not work this time, call the women and let them stand between you and the bloody Jooz. First of all it may deter the Jooz from shooting your asses off. And secondly, what is a woman in the eyes of Allah? There are a lot more where these came from, even if the cross-fire hits one or two, right?
Scum. Cowardly scum...

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