28 November 2006

The Human Rights Circus is back in town!

The UN Human Rights Council on Monday passed two resolutions criticizing Israel, but kept its record intact of singling out no other country for human rights abuses.
Shouldn't the "but" in the previous sentence be replaced by "and"?
The 47-nation council, which has censured only Israel since it began operating six months ago, this time took the Jewish state to task for its occupation of Syria's Golan Heights and for building settlements in occupied Arab territories.
Must be one heck of a cushy job, I say. And I could write up a storm on the new, hitherto unknown and unheard of abuses by the Zionists. The whole UN will lick their chops!
The council, which replaced the widely discredited Human Rights Commission last June, has passed resolutions on Israel in regular session and in three emergency sessions, blasting Israel for its military campaign in Lebanon and its treatment of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
Oops, they have emergency sessions too. No good for me - surely they drag the members outta bed in the middle of the night.

Consider my application void and canceled, please.

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