17 November 2006

My genocide vs. your genocide

The decision of France to recognize the murder of one and a half million Armenians by Turks as genocide continues to piss of the regime in Turkey. The climax was reached recently when Turkey suspended military relations with France. Most probably France, in turn, will continue its drive to prevent Turkey from ever joining EU...

It's interesting to see how Turkey defines the tragic events of 1915:

Turkey acknowledges that large numbers of Armenians died in mass expulsions and fighting, but says the number of dead is exaggerated and that most were killed in interethnic violence that erupted as the Ottoman Empire collapsed.
That's a good one. Using this approach, the Holocaust, Cambodia, Afghanistan invasion by USSR and many other inhuman deeds by human beings could be classified in a similar way: interethnic violence, political disputes or other minor disagreements.

Following the lead created by the (anonymous?) author of "Your terrorist is my freedom fighter" (one of the more revolting samples of moral relativism), we can expect something on the lines of "Your genocide is my ethnic dispute" or anything in the same vein.

As a matter of fact, there are quite a lot of people (useful idiots included en mass) who vehemently deny that what is going on in Darfur is genocide. So it is only a matter of a formula.

Of course, most of the people mentioned are gladly agreeing that Israel carries out genocide against Palestinians. Interesting, ain't it? Go figure...

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