29 November 2006

Syria - the bloody game continues

This is, purportedly, a Hebrew translation of an article in Al Mustaqbal newspaper (there is no link to the original article, so I am guessing that this is the link and will be grateful for a confirmation from any Arabic-reading guest here). The translation says, more or less, the following:

The Lebanese newspaper (journal) Al Mustaqbal reported today (Nov. 29, 2006) that Lebanese security succeeded to uncover a Syrian plot to kill 36 Lebanese leaders.

According to the newspaper, the plot came to light four days ago, when two members of the group that was sent to the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon - Burg' El Barag'ne and El Badawi, were arrested. During interrogation, the two confessed that they belong to the Fatah-Intifadah movement led by Abu Musa.

The two told that they came to Lebanon as part of a group of 200, 150 of those arrived at the El Badawi camp and the other 50 - at Burg' El Barag'ne.
If this is not a wild exaggeration or a propaganda ploy by one of the many rival Lebanese fractions*, baby Assad has a lot to answer for.

(*) I understand that Al Mustaqbal is owned by the Hariri family, so...

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