27 November 2006

Alexander Litvinenko (RIP) and scumbags from Indy

(I just have to start this post the same way as the previous one on the subject) .

It is already five days since Alexander Litvinenko died - a slow and horrible death. And the vultures are circling, getting closer each day.

Now the scumbags are trying to start another line of slander. In a big way too, take a look:

Litvinenko: police probe claims he may have killed himself
No matter that the contents of the article do not confirm in any way the stink bomb dropped in the headline:
Detectives investigating the death of Alexander Litvinenko were last night examining the possibility that the former spy killed himself to discredit Vladimir Putin.
Detectives were examining a possibility. Quite sure going by the book written a heck of a long time ago. And this means that police probe claims suicide? I guess even the police could sue the wretched scum now. Most probably wouldn't.

There are all the necessary telltale signs of intractable stupidity in this article:
Traces of the material - powerful enough to trigger a nuclear warhead - were found on tables...
How does the Indys' troika (Sophie Goodchild, Francis Elliott and Sonia Elks) think polonium 210 triggers that nuclear warhead, I am too afraid to imagine. One thing is clear: not only aren't they nuclear scientists, all three taken together hardly amount to a person literate enough to open a Wiki site and do themselves a favor, instead of disgracing themselves. Or take this one:
Detectives are still no nearer to establishing just how Mr Litvinenko, a fierce critic of President Alexander Putin's regime, came to ingest such high doses of polonium.
How high is "such high" in the opinion of the troika? Do they imagine the late colonel greedily stuffing himself from a heap of polonium on his plate? You know, it is highly probable they do - but do not ask how high, please...

Still, there is a distance between mere stupidity and malignancy. And that headline is nothing but sheer malignancy. And the source powerful enough to trigger this mix of malignancy and stupidity is, apparently, an unattributed Russian one:
Some reports in the Russian press have suggested that Mr Litvinenko's death could have been a "martyrdom operation", on the grounds that no state would want to attract the attention of a radioactive poison plot.
Some reports... Now you can see it - a hack from Indy repeating some slander from a Russian rag, undoubtedly close to the powers that be. Merde.

But the malignancy does not stop at the headline. Here is the shining pinnacle:
One source close to the investigation said: "He was a guy with a colourful past. It's not straightforward."
Now, I can easily agree that a senior KGB/FSB officer collects some colors during his career. And he may have not necessarily been always straightforward. But could he imagine that a liberal and progressive Independent will descend that gutter-low?

Nah - not while alive...

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