13 November 2006

Yes, Halutz better go. Quietly, if possible.

IDF chief rejects findings of kidnapping probe, is one of the headlines today in Haaretz.

Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Dan Halutz rejected on Sunday significant parts of the findings of one of the committees that he himself appointed to investigate the army's conduct during the Lebanon war.
The whole discussion could have stopped here and now and we could proceed to a satisfactory bout of name calling, but it gets much worse:
Its findings were sharply critical of IDF activity at all levels during this period, from the soldiers in the field to the General Staff. But Halutz rejected all of the criticisms aimed at officers above the level of divisional commander and demanded that Almog reexamine his findings on these issues.
This is a decision by a former commander of IAF, the part of our military known for its attention and ability to analyze its mistakes and really learning its lessons? Unbelievable. Unspeakable.

CYA - Cover Your Ass - taken to the Olympic level.

Now, when the chances for a real state commission of inquiry became nil, and the pathetic attempts of the Olmert-Halutz-Peretz troika to escape any shadow of responsibility are stinking to high heavens, the only honorable way for them is to take a quiet exit.

Go. And as soon as possible.

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