20 November 2006

Human shields work - who wins?

Israel aborted planned air attacks on the homes of two militants Sunday after hundreds of Palestinians formed a human shield around the buildings in the Gaza Strip.
This news run over the mass media like brush fire. Most of the bloggers have already picked it up as well. And the reaction to this new military maneuver on both sides is predictable, too:
"This is a great stance by our people," said Nizar Ryan, a spokesman from the Islamic militant group Hamas, which won control of the Palestinian government in parliamentary elections this year. "Women and men will break the power of F16 planes."

Israel's army deplored "the cynical exploitation by the terrorists of uninvolved people as human shields."
And you know what: both sides are right. Women and men (especially women) will stop F16 in many cases. And the use of innocents as human shields is being raised by Hamas and their ilk to new heights of revolting cynicism, as it was already done with suicide bombers. Hamas consistently proves that there is no limit to perversion of morality.

And who is it that calls for protection?
The first human shield gathered just before midnight local time after Mohammedweil Baroud, a leader of the Popular Resistance Committees, was ordered to leave his home in the northern town of Beit Lahiya. Baroud, who coordinates rocket attacks on Israel, ran to a nearby mosque to summon aid.
Of course, it figures: the man who is directing the bombarding of civilians of Sderot is calling for protection of his own fellow civilians.

Now look who is celebrating:
Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas joined the protest on the roof at Baroud's home, which was adorned with black and green flags for the Popular Resistance Committees and Hamas groups.
The only question that remains: what exactly is there to celebrate? It should be clear to Haniyeh that when all other means to protect the civilian population of Israel from Qassams fail, IDF will have to go in. The number of casualties will grow dramatically, including the civilian ones.

On the other hand, this is what the current Palestinian PM wishes for - to enable him to decry the inhuman atrocities committed by IDF. And to run to UN, where his Muslim brethren will do their usual best to pass any resolution he desires, practically unopposed.

And so the wheel turns...

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