02 November 2006

Summing up a year

That's right, SimplyJews started about a year ago as another minuscule tentacle of the Elders' Hasbarah monster. While remaining pretty small and insignificant due to the chronic lack of funding and the department of field operations yanking our personnel off to all kinds of shady operations, SimplyJews gained some weight since then.

The number of blogs linked to: 75-80 according to TTLB and 108 - 118 according to Technorati (both are imprecise, so we could safely claim about 100). The rank in TTLB, that jumps up and down like a shaman possessed by a demon, has at least stabilized on Flappy Bird lately. The rank in Technorati is hovering between 24,000 and 26,000 with more than 1000 links accumulated during this year in total. A few days ago the accumulated number of hits passed the 60,000 mark with number of pages passing 94,000.

That's it with statistics. Otherwise - we have gained quite a few friends, not enough enemies, one stalker who simply does not know when to quit and a bug in our template (yes, that double appearance of the "Comment" and "Trackback" links is not a visual illusion, it is something that has to be ironed out with the Blogger support yet).

Plans for the next year: continue displeasing the general public both on the right and on the left, have more fun with the likes of Mulham Assir (PBUH) on one hand and quite a few bozos of the opposite ilk on the other. And whoring for more links, of course...

So beware. See you later.