02 November 2006

Outrage? Why?

"Where is the outrage over Lieberman?", Debra Delee asks in a JP article Where is the outrage over Lieberman? Addressing the US Jewish community and its "collective core values of democracy and equality, civility and civil rights".

I understand the sentiment and could add to it a few words in three languages regarding this sorry excuse for a MK, a minister and a human being. But I will refrain, since a lot was already said.

However, Debra, you must understand that for now Yvet/Avigdor is totally absorbed in what is supposed to be his life mission - elimination of Iranian threat. Most people agree that in Avigdor Mahmoud the Mad found a worthy opponent. Very soon we'll hear some exciting news about this fight of mental giants. And this fight will hopefully keep the two busy...

So here... Best regards, Debra, and do not worry.