18 November 2006

Chirac meddling, Lahoud lying and no putsch so far

Al Jazeera reports on the latest outburst by Emilie Lahoud, the president of Lebanon (or should I say Syrian puppet?):

The Lebanese president has accused his French counterpart Jacques Chirac of interfering in his country's internal affairs and denied any part in the assassination of former prime minister Rafik al-Hariri.
The series of vehement denials of involvement in the assassination of Rafik al-Hariri by Lahoud cannot but increase the suspicion. I mean, who is asking him?

Besides, looking at that picture, I cannot but feel the suspicion rising (no, it is not because of the wart, I swear - I sport one or two myself).

Meanwhile, various religious sects in Lebanon continue upping the ante. According to AP (via JP):
A previously unknown extremist group has warned that "Shiite death squads" acting under Iranian religious edicts are preparing to attack Sunni Muslims in Lebanon.

In an Internet statement, the group, called the Mujahideen in Lebanon, also lashed out at Hizbullah, accusing the Iranian-backed militant Shiite Muslim group of aligning itself with "Lebanon's Crusaders" to eliminate the country's Sunni community.

The group urged Lebanon's Sunnis to prepare to defend themselves in the face of "Shiite death squads."
Whatever the truth is, it couldn't be nice. Sectarian violence, encouraged by external forces, (that care not a slightest bit about the well-being of Lebanese) is starting to tear the country apart. I hope that sanity prevails.