26 November 2006

What took them so long?

It is already four days since Alexander Litvinenko died - a slow and horrible death. And I have already started wondering why...

But here it comes, no worries:

Yesterday an aide to President Vladimir Putin reacted strongly to suggestions of Russian involvement. "We don't know who killed Litvinenko, but one thing is for sure, it was not the Russian state," he said. "We've got nothing to hide."

The aide implied Litvinenko's death was part of a conspiracy by enemies of Putin who had sacrificed one of their own to discredit the Russian president. "If you ask the question who has the most to gain from all this, the answer can only be [Boris] Berezovsky, a man who by his own admission is out on a campaign to discredit Putin and the Kremlin," he said.
I think that we can mark the first successful move in the eternal Okhranka / CheKa / NKVD / KGB / FSB game "Find The Joo". Hooray!

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