15 November 2006

What's up, piglet?

Doing some preliminary surfing for this post, I was struck by the artful choice of the image (on the left) that my hero - Johann Hari - selected to adorn his articles :

Not that the color image on the right is much different, but it shows less of the romantically fuzzy and chubby youngster and more of a fattish self-satisfied piglet. Not a full-blown boar, as he will definitely appear to you when you know him better, but getting there.

So, what do I have against this piglet? It cannot be the chubbiness or the pinkness. Even the self-satisfaction is not a bad thing by itself. After all, our hero is a self-made man with what in the late Soviet Union would be a perfect proletarian pedigree: "Hari was born in Glasgow to a Swiss-German father who worked as a cook and a bus driver and a Scottish mother who works with victims of domestic violence, but was brought up in London." One cannot hold the London upbringing against him, after all. Some perfectly nice people...

In short, if you look at his bio and his creed via that Wiki link above, the only thing that might bother you a little would be "Hari is a republican, but on the unusual grounds that he believes monarchy is "extremely cruel to the Windsor family at its core." So what, you can say - and you will be absolutely right. After all, the piglet holds progressive views on everything in the world and more. Educated, clever, progressive, socially active, adept with words, prolific, etc.

One small problem, though - he is a fucking liar. There is nothing Johann will not use to create a view of reality that suits his purpose. In this case* his purpose was to produce a filthy anti-Israeli piece on par with the best and shining examples of Der Sturmer.

The piece starts more or less on the accepted common ground:

When Jorg Haider's far-right Freedom Party joined the governing coalition in Austria in 2000, the world offered a collective retch and moved to isolate the country. In the past fortnight, a startlingly similar far-right politician named Avigdor Lieberman has joined the governing coalition in Israel - in the lofty position of Deputy Prime Minister - but the world's gagging reflex has yet to respond.
I must state again - I detest Avigdor Lieberman and everything he stands for. So the above, aside of the tendency to link a Jewish degenerate to an Austrian one (which clearly wouldn't be accepted lightly by the Jews), is easily acceptable. After all, our piglet could have used another image of a degenerate: take Chavez, for instance. Oops... Chavez is our piglet's hero. Wrong choice.

But then, and very quickly, the piglet goes from the use of imagery, questionable as it may be, to a medley of lies. I shall quote them one after another without comments:
His party, Yisrael Beytenu (Israel, Our Home), has campaigned on two ugly issues. The first is the claim that Israel's two million Arab citizens are "a danger to the country", to be dispensed with, in part, by ethnic cleansing. Lieberman wanted to bus thousands of released Palestinian prisoners to the Dead Sea and drown them.

Today, he has moderated his stance and merely want to "transfer" many hundreds of thousands of Israeli Arabs - inevitable by force - to the scraps of remaining land that will be labeled Palestine after Israel has annexed the major illegal settlement blocks.

He would like to begin these racist expulsions with a simple, swift move: executing Israeli Arab members of the Knesset.

Yet today, only a handful of heroic Israelis have spoken out at the appointment of Lieberman to the deputy premiership.

This summer, in the sands of Lebanon, Israel effectively lost a war for the first time**.

Today the Israeli people feel their existence is threatened once more, so they are returning in their minds - via Lieberman - to those birth crimes in the search for solutions.

Lieberman's argument is, in essence, that the ethnic cleansing of 1948 did not go far enough.

There have always been ethnic cleansers, from Ben Gurion to the politicians who today authorize the blowing up of "unpermitted" Arab (never Jewish) houses in East Jerusalem, a process I have witnessed myself.
Read all of the above again, dear reader. All of that is lies. Then go to Jewwatch or Aryan Nation or any other place of the same ilk. Check and compare. Check and compare.

And then tell yourself whether you see a lot of difference. And ask yourself: why would a person resort to such a multitude of lies in order to explain why Lieberman is a big no-no? Why use such a despicable way to smear something already unspeakable?

(*) I am linking to a place that is a bit cheap: the owner did not want to spend BP 1.00 on the article. I am even cheaper - there is no way I will splash BP 1.00 on any Indy's article - it is like feeding caviar to pigs. Er... pigs again - this is definitely a non-kosher post.

(**) This sentence is listed as a lie to save some space, the post was getting too long. These "sands of Lebanon" are an excellent illustration of what our piglet knows about the area. Probably spent some time sunning his fat body on the beach in Beirut area - if at all, thus the "sands". Let's leave the issue of the lost war alone.

P.S. Checked the pictures with SWMBO to make sure I am not prejudiced. Says the subject looks too much like a pig for her taste.

P.P.S. Why boar? Why do I have to insult this proud and powerful, if non-kosher, creature?