25 November 2006

In a cynical mood

Police arrest truck driver after six-year murder hunt, Guardian reports.

Police forces across Europe were yesterday scouring files of unsolved murders after a German truck driver was arrested over the killings of at least five women in two countries.
That's rather good news. One more serial killer is off the streets, hopefully for good. The bastard was roaming the roads of Europe, killing women all over the continent for six years, it appears.
An international police task force has been set up to search for victims after police reported they had found a macabre collection of Polaroid photos of murdered women in his truck. Locks of hair and items of clothing taken as "trophies" from victims were also allegedly discovered.
Good news too, even if macabre a bit - the find will make it easier to nail the maniac.

But there is one point the Guardian has missed: the truck, it seems, was used for at least six years. Reliable and sturdy product, which is also good.

There is no mention of the brand, though. Pity.