22 November 2006

Assassination of Litvinenko - the plot thickens

The plot was exciting to start with. Assassination attempt on a senior ex-FSB officer, in London of all places. Hints on connection to the assassination of Russian journalist, thallium, Italian informer - in short, all the elements of a robust thriller.

But now the ante is significantly higher. It is not a journalist, even as famous and as controversial one as Anna Politkovskaya was. The accusing finger is pointed at no more and no less than Romano Prodi, according to this sensational clip from the European Parliament.

UKIP MEP Gerard Batten reveals some interesting information given to him by ex Soviet Agent Alexander Litvinenko concerning Romano Prodi the Prime Minister of Italy and ex-European Commission president. Mr Litvinenko was recently poisoned in a murder attempt in London.
Of course, it could easily be another FSB provocation, in the best traditions of good old KGB. But in any case the story bears watching.

(By the way - could somebody from UK explain that apparent oxymoron: what does a UKIP member do in European Parliament?)

Many thanks to nic.

Update: the thallium that went into Litvinenko's stomach seems to be radioactive, according to the latest news. This is not your run of the mill rat poison anymore, its XXI century, people!

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