02 November 2006

France and political correctness

France is known to be very tough where the internal security is concerned. Unlike their ministry of foreign affairs and other politicians that seem to have unlimited time and chutzpa to teach the rest of the world on subjects like humanity, equality and justice, their security outfits do not dwell too much on the political correctness of their actions.

The latest case that illustrates this no nonsense approach only too well is the dismissal of 43 baggage handlers at Paris' Charles de Gaulle (Roissy) and Orly airports.

All 43 baggage handlers turned out to be Muslims, prompting Islamic groups in France to rush to their defense, claiming anti-Muslim discrimination was the real intention of the French authorities.
Hmm... Does it teach us a lesson?

(For comic content read a related piece on Islam Online).

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UPDATE: can we have some, or better all of these 43 baggage handlers here in Ben-Gurion airport? On the double, please - ours are on strike for two days in a row, and someone very important to me must land tomorrow. Please?