30 August 2006

Zionism, necrophilia and a bit of a profit on the side

Another day, another interesting Lebanese blog. No, they are not Zionists at all. Thankfully, neither are they the opposite. Just a team of Lebanese folks, sometimes tongue in cheek, sometimes angry, sometimes cool - well, like you and me in fact.

And they have shown me something I would prefer not to know, to tell you the truth. Read the post titled Death Tourism. I am not sure my reaction was exactly the same as that of the post's author, but the mix of titillation by some (real or perceived) dangers of terror ("staring down Hizzboulah terrorists across the Lebanese border"), some romantics ("cruising the Kinneret in the beautiful moonlight") and facing "the key policy makers", all this topped by the goal of helping out the victims of terror (sorry, not the victims directly but a litigation on their behalf) - all this leaves quite a bad taste.

And of course, this travesty was picked up by diverse population of our enemies. Just read the comments to the Death Tourism post. Of course, that racket is now assumed by some to be just another government outfit and of course, according to some, it is just another facet of the insidious Zionist entity. You bet.

Anyway, I came out of it with one new Lebanese blog on our blogroll and one joint Israeli-Lebanese venture here. The more the merrier!