07 August 2006

The tears, the deception, the vermin and no comments

Sometimes the news are so self-explanatory that there is no need to add anything. So:

The tears

Mr Siniora called for help to seek "an immediate and unconditional ceasefire" and wiped away tears as pleaded for his country not to become an "arena for conflicts and confrontations whatever the justification".

The Prime Minister of Lebanon was meanwhile forced to withdraw a tearful claim made at a meeting of Arab League ministers that an Israeli air strike had just killed 40 civilians in the border village of Houla.

"One hour ago there was a horrible massacre in the village of Houla, a deliberate massacre, in which there were more than 40 martyrs," said Fouad Siniora at the emergency meeting of Egyptian, Syrian and Jordanian foreign ministers in Beirut.

The deception

Lebanon balked yesterday at a UN plan to call a halt to the fighting without an immediate Israeli withdrawal.

The vehemence of Lebanon’s rejection, reflecting Hezbollah’s hardline stance, took Western officials by surprise and threatened to derail proposals to end the conflict agreed by France and America.

The vermin

United Nations peacekeepers at a post near Houla reported that Hezbollah had fired rockets towards Israeli twice today, from positions near the UN base.

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