20 August 2006

The "quiet" terrorist attack in Germany

For some strange reason (Andrew Ian Dodge wonders about it too), the attempt to blow up two large and quite complex sets of explosive substances on two separate trains (but timed to explode simultaneously), passed almost unnoticed by MSM.

Of course, there were no victims (thank heavens) in this case and, besides, the "inhuman atrocities perpetrated by the Zionists" in Lebanon were at the forefront of our progressive media. Still, the case warrants more attention than it has received - if only due to the size and sophistication of the planned mass murder act.

From Deutsche Welle:

The head of the Federal Crime Office, Joerg Ziercke, said the bombs were packed into identical black cases and consisted of gas canisters, alarm clocks, wires and batteries and soft drink bottles filled with a flammable liquid.

"The cases had been supposed to explode 10 minutes before the trains arrived at the stations," Ziercke said. "It's more likely than unlikely that there was a terrorist background," he said. If the around 25-kilo (55-lb.) suitcase bombs had exploded they would have lead to "a fireball" in the train carriages and an "indeterminate number of injured and possible deaths," Ziercke said.
He added that a 100-strong team of investigators was still trying to establish why the devices failed to explode.

A note in the case found in Koblenz contained Arabic writing and a telephone number in Lebanon, and packets of starch with labels in Arabic and English were also found.

The Lebanese connection that is hinted at in several different sources is particularly inexplicable. If, as Ray of David's MedienKritik says, "The bombings were likely intended to "send a message to the West" over the Israeli-Lebanese conflict.", the way of sending the message - via a mass murder of innocent Germans, whose country is one of the least involved in the latest crisis - raises a serious doubt about mental stability of the initiators of this act, let alone the two dummies who went on this "mission".

Anyway, one of the suspects is already in the nick. He was caught, most probably trying to correct his previous mistake.

News reports in Germany said that German police had arrested one of the two suspected suitcase bombers at the railway station in the northern city of Kiel on Saturday. The authorities also found explosives at the station, according to German public broadcaster ARD.

"The person appears to be one of the two suspects that have been sought since yesterday with the help of video footage that was made public," the federal prosecutor's office said in a statement.

I hope that we'll know more about this soon. And that the masterminds behind this dastardly deed will be caught.

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