17 August 2006

Hats off before Lebanese bloggers

There is one debt I have to pay. This is a debt of appreciation of their work during the time of war, of their amazing ability to stand fast and not to slide into the hatefest of Israel.

I link to very few of you, I read more and I shall read even more. Your ability to tell the truth as you see it, without resorting to sectarian enmity and racism is amazing. To me it is a part of the image I retain of your beautiful country I dream of visiting once as a tourist with Israeli passport.

I hope we'll see the lunatics and the fanatics buried and the real peace between the two peoples reign forever.

Meanwhile - one post by Charles Malik that should be a classic for many analysts. The brilliance and the surgical precision of Charles' analysis is exemplary. Suffice to say that after reading tons of contradictory crapola by various Israeli, American and other "experts", this one is a real breath of fresh air.

Only one thing - I wish I could share the optimism of this sentence:

There are signs that some good might come out of this situation.

But I totally agree with the next one:

But we'll have to wait and see.