13 August 2006

A snapshot of a day

From today's on-line edition of Haaretz (click to enlarge).

Through the smoke and mirrors of war coverage, the first glimmers of the future to come are showing already:

Olmert tells parents of abducted soldiers Israel to negotiate with Hezbollah over their release.

So much for one of the goals of the war - to free the two kidnapped soldiers.

Syria still transferring supply of rockets, missiles to Hezbollah
IDF source: Senior Syrian officials involved in arms transfer; says Iranian fighters sent to Lebanon.

So much for the other goal - to crush/disarm Hezbollah.

Meanwhile the capture under the picture:

Policemen examining an area hit in a Katyusha rocket strike in the Upper Galilee on Sunday, in which one person was killed.

And the main headline of the page:

24 IDF soldiers killed Saturday in south Lebanon
One dead, 9 hurt in rocket attacks Sunday in north

And the counting is not over yet. Another day and another night remain - at least...