28 August 2006

Atta boy, Yossi!

In these days of low morale, evaporating morals and the general atmosphere of low expectations of the visible future, a strong stance on anything at all could be a breath of fresh air.

And here comes Yossi Sarid, who decided to show us all an example of principled behavior.

Former MK and Haaretz journalist Yossi Sarid has declined an official offer from the Norwegian government to grant him citizenship so he can attend an international conference on freedom of expression and tolerance in Bali, Indonesia. His invitation was rescinded because he is Israeli.

It is not always that Yossi behaves like a real mensch, you know. The more his example is dear and should be applauded. Of course, it may leave a slight lingering taste of a missed opportunity. For example, an opportunity to look like this in the future:

But hey, we are happy that you have decided to remain an Israeli, Yossi. Really.