19 August 2006

Another quiet Saturday

From the newsflashes:

Bush: It could take time for world to accept war was a Hezbollah loss (AP)

Yeah. Is there a timetable for that shocking revelation reaching the last corner of the Earth?

IDF: Commando raid in Baalbek meant to thwart arms shipment from Syria (Haaretz).

According to a brief message (radio), "the goals of the operation were met". Other sources report that it was a failure.

Three Hezbollah gunmen killed in IDF commando raid in eastern Lebanon (Reuters)

Well, it wasn't a total loss then, it seems...

Police apprehends the killer of Italian peacenik (Jerusalem, few days ago). The first findings of the interrogation: 21 years old, affiliated with Jihad Islami. (On radio)

Just to think: a "martyr" whose sole wish was to murder a Jew, and what a disappointment: the victim appears to be an Italian volunteer working with Palestinian children.

Abu Mazen storms out of Gaza, enraged by an insulting list of terms conditions presented by Hamas as a pre-requisite to a national unity government. (On radio).

Yep. Storm out a few more times, everyone is deeply impressed.

A big show is made of French military vessels dislodging 50 (fifty) soldiers near UNIFIL headquarters in Lebanon. (On radio)

I am impressed. You are impressed. They are impressed. The whole effing world is impressed. Now fucking what?

French DM: I can`t let it be said that France is not doing its duty in Lebanon (AP)

You cannot? Watch my lips: France is
not doing its duty in Lebanon. It is fucking around and doing its best to wiggle out of its own commitments. Now what?

Suha Arafat vehemently denies Arab press reports that she had married a brother-in-law of Tunisian president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. (Everywhere)

"I am still available, and may the best man win", was the answer of the merry widow. Prenuptial agreement is a must, added Suha for the record.

UN chief Annan says not to expect UN force to "wage war" against Hezbollah (AP)

And who is expecting that? But will UNIFIL be able to unpack these containers with scented toilet paper from Lion and distribute them to their outposts? "Hizb-Allah willing, we might", was the answer of the PR officer on duty.

Have a nice Shabes, you all...