27 August 2006

Weekly wisecracks

President Moshe Katzav to a reporter on the ongoing investigation about his alleged sexual prowess: "It is a blood libel".
Well, it may be a libel or it may be not, however it does have nothing to do with blood. It is a sperm libel if anything.

Haaretz: PM convenes advisers over nature of war probe
Not being convened, I still want to offer an advice: make the probe a deep and a painful one.

Haaretz: Italian FM: Int'l force could be deployed in Gaza too
Yeah. To the same end, for sure...

IDF: IAF targeted news van because it acted suspiciously in combat area (Reuters)
My Citroen is also acting suspiciously lately. I wonder if a Hellfire missile in its exhaust pipe will improve its behavior...

IDF arrests 3 Palestinians carrying Molotov cocktails near Ramallah (Itim)
Oh gosh! Now Amnesty International will have a field day. A person cannot even prepare a cocktail without being oppressed by the Zionists!

Third suspect in failed terror attack in Germany identified as Syrian (AP)
No sweat. I hear the dental health program in German jails is something a person outside can only dream about.

Unidentified male body washes ashore in Tel Aviv (Itim)
There is a lot of useless male bodies on Tel Aviv beaches. Being alive and identified does not make a major difference.

Independent: Could Ernesto turn into a Katrina?
And turn in the north-east direction (I have a map already laid out)? Please?