15 August 2006

Calling Bruce Paley (AssaJew)

Before I get into the rut: who the heck chooses a name like Bruce for a nice Jewish boy, albeit situated in UK? I mean, come on, really? Isn't it reminiscent of Monty Python? Several Jewish Bruces meet in some London kosher eatery. Hi, Bruce, how are you, mate? I am fine, Bruce, have you tried the kishke here, Bruce? And you, Bruce, how is your prostate, boychick? It's OK, Bruce, they have already taken it out, I keep it in a water glass near my teeth... or do I?

Anyhow, I shall call this specific Bruce AssaJew. Since he has started his letter to Independent with a passionate preface:

As a Jew (albeit a non-practising one) I am increasingly fed up with hearing about "2,000 years of persecution" culminating in the Holocaust (letters, passim), as if we are the only people on earth who have ever suffered, or that that somehow exempts us from conventional morality.

Why should a person start a letter with these words? I mean, assume that you are a citizen of Edinburgh (for example) and start a complaint to your MP about a depravity of your electricity provider with "As a Jew" or "As a Hindu" or "As a Scot". Strange, innit?

And re incessantly hearing about these 2,000 years, the Holocaust and stuff: why do you listen to it at all, AssaJew? After all, you seem to live in a free country, just disregard all that wailing. Relax, man. It is like with "conventional morality" you mention in the same breath: either you dig it or you don't. And when you don't - just disregard it, and your life will be that much easier. (Strictly between us - I bet you cited the Holocaust and the 2000 years and stuff when people asked why have you written that stupid letter to Independent in the first place. Don't tell me you have not, you sly so-and-so, you!)

Now why would I call that letter of yours stupid, AssaJew? Let me explain.

To start with - you have let yourself being brainwashed by the usual anti-Israeli crowd that uses the strawman of "Jews (Israelis) are using Holocaust to justify their blah blah...". Do you use Holocaust in this manner, AssaJew? Can you quote a Jew/Israeli that have used Holocaust in this manner? I thought so. Yes, some Jews could be overbearing on the subject, but so what?

Your knowledge of history, AssaJew, is on the poor side. To skip the technicalities (70 million Chinese is an exaggeration, for example): the Holocaust was a unique case of a nation declaring its intent to eliminate totally a whole other nation and then getting to this task in a completely industrial and diligent fashion. This is the main "distinction" of Holocaust and that is why it is so horrific. I shall leave the issue of percentages alone - do it as your homework.

And most ironic - even a single statement that I wholeheartedly agree with in your letter, AssaJew, you have succeeded to misplace and misunderstand:

As members of the world community, Jews (and Israel) must have no greater nor lesser standing than anyone else, and must be held to the same standards of behaviour.

Right, so now explain why do you and your friends in Independent and others of the same ilk spend so much time yakking over Israel this and Zionists that, while all around the world much more horrifying atrocities are perpetrated daily by other nations? Why, out of whole blue world of different subjects, AssaJew has to dedicate a totally stupid letter to Israel's "callous treatment of the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples" and not, for example... er... "callous treatment of the Israeli peoples by Palestinians and Lebanese"?

To Will of a General Theory Of Rubbish