03 August 2006

Holiday impressions

One of the things a self-respecting blogger does on a vacation is observing stuff.
Here is a result - an excellent specimen of an Israeli cleavage (click to enlarge).

Anyone who is going to post a remark about this being the usual Israeli answer to the life, the Universe and everything better refrain - there is a catch to this picture.

And here is another Israeli (Ein Gedi variety):

The lazy bastard is just lying around waiting for another photo op (or for another donation from the generous Uncle Sam).

And another Israeli:

Notice the even spread of the sunflower seeds peelings around his location. Truly a master of that ancient art. But again, do not come to a quick conclusion about this sad case, there is a catch there too.

And now to something completely different, to let your eyes rest after all that excitement:

And long live Carl Zeiss!