02 August 2006

On Kafr Qana tragedy

The Qana disaster is a tragedy where right or wrong doesn't mean a lot. Innocent lives are taken, and a person cannot be but silent for some time before coming forth with his/her opinion of that human catastrophe.

But of course, some didn't wish to remain silent, or ponder the events or consequences. The outcry in the mass media was deafening, the shrill vitriol coming from the Israel-haters who hitherto were only armed with "disproportionate response" buzzword to resort to, suddenly got themselves a fresh and shiny tragedy to abuse to their little hearts' content.

Of course, the stammering and mumbling IAF briefing did not help. The pitiful excuses of the sort used by the IAF Chief of Staff, like the Hezbollah munitions that exploded in the building or the delayed collapse of the building (7 hours after the air strike), do not add credibility to the IDF in general and IAF in particular, nor do the idle speculations like those in the Bloggers raise questions about Kana article in JP.

The IAF must own up to the tragic reality, show empathy and humility: these children, women and elderly were killed by our bomb. Everyone, from the pilot that pressed the bomb release button to the IDF CoS, will have to live with the moral weight and personal part played in this tragedy.

It would be grossly unjust to assign sole guilt to the IDF. We cannot ignore the gross miscalculation these murderous bastards took in starting this war, as we cannot ignore the fact that they used Kafr Qana, indeed that building as a launch site for Katyushas with blatant disregard for those innocent lives. This is what a Lebanese source has to say about the real cause of the tragedy:

Knowing very well that Israel will not have the heart to bombard civil targets, militants of Hezbollah installed a rockets launching base on the roof of building in Qana and piled crippled children in the firm intention to provoke an attack by Israeli aviation and to create a new situation, using the massacre of these innocents against the negotiations initiative .

(Translation mostly by Google. For the full translation look here.)

For uncounted years our military is put in a lose-lose situation perfectly expressed by the following picture:

We protect our homes but do not use our homes for protection - unlike the adversary. And the inevitable result of hostilities, where our adversary is totally indifferent to the fate of the innocents and abuses their tragic deaths for political gains in a totally brazen way, results in more and more civilian deaths. Israel's adversaries seem to thrive in a death cult culture, where innocents can be assigned a fate of martyrdom without consent, just to provide more and more PR material for Hezbollah.

Fortunately, many people see through this bloody murderous PR ruse, employed by fanatics hiding behind this brand of Islam: Here is what a Russian journalist Dmitry Sidorov has to say about this:

More than fifty Lebanese that have died in Kafr Qana were sacrificed by Hezbulla to unite the Arab street, part of the Eropean community and, of course, the leaders of UN against Israel and to press Washington into withdrawing its support from Jerusalem.

Thank deity for sanity that will eventually prevail, I hope.