14 August 2006

Such a move would make us all safer...

"What move?", would you ask. No, you wouldn't, since you, our dear readers, are some astute and up to date froods who definitely know where your towels are.

But, just in case, here it is - from the message to Her Majesty Government from some concerned moderate Muslim organizations:

We urge the Prime Minister to redouble his efforts to tackle terror and extremism and change our foreign policy to show the world that we value the lives of civilians wherever they live and whatever their religion.

Such a move would make us all safer.

Do you need some special reading glasses to see that "or else"?

The list of signatories is nothing short of astonishing:

The 38 Muslim groups who signed the letter include the Muslim Council of Britain, the Muslim Association of Britain, the British Muslim Forum and the Muslim Solidarity Committee.

Other signatories include three of the four Muslim MPs - Sadiq Khan, Shahid Malik and Mohammed Sarwar - as well as three of the four Muslim members of the House of Lords - Lord Patel of Blackburn, Lord Ahmed of Rotherham and Baroness Uddin.

Well, the soft belly of democracy is showing its warts and folds of rancid fat.

Better sooner than later but...