07 August 2006

Another peacemaker gone wild

No, this is not this Peacemaker:

It is this famous peacemaker, according to CNN:

The caption under the picture is mind-boggling, to say the least:

Former President Jimmy Carter says that Bush has encouraged Israel and Hezbollah to attack.

And the follow-up in the article is also exciting enough:

Former President Carter, who helped broker the historic Camp David peace accord, said President Bush has pursued an "erroneous policy" that has fostered violence in the Middle East.

"It depends on whether world opinion is strong enough to get the administration to change its erroneous policy, which has been to encourage the continuation of attacks on both sides," Carter, a Democrat, told The Grand Rapids Press in an interview Friday.

Not being a great fan of the current Washington administration, I am still amazed at the picture of GWB calling Nasrallah and egging him on:

"Hey, Hassan, how about raising some hell on the border with them Zionists? Why dontcha kidnap a few soldiers, blow up a jeep or two? Then I shall call whatishisname in Jerusalem, and we'll have us some war. Are you game, man?"

I think that another visit of North Korea is quite overdue, Jimbo. Time to exchange some spit with the young Kim and explain to him how his peaceful little country contributes to the world stability. And do not forget to call on Mahmoud the Mad on the way home. His peaceful nuclear program is in dire need of additional encouragement.


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