29 August 2006

Annan says... what?

No, it just could not be true. It must be some practical joker from Haaretz, I swear!

Annan told the Lebanese government that he wanted two Israel Defense Forces soldiers abducted by Hezbollah to be handed to the Red Cross, a government source said.

Nasrallah, probably, is already shaking in his boots. Sorry, sandals - it is Middle East, after all.

The source, who attended Annan's meeting with the cabinet, said Annan had also said he would ask Syrian President Bashar Assad later in the week to establish diplomatic ties with Lebanon and to control the Syrian side of their border.

Let me see if I understand the above clearly: Annan asks baby Assad to control... the Syrian side of the border with Lebanon. I see. This is to prevent the smuggling of Romanian rockets via Lebanon to Syrian popular anti-Hindu resistance movement, I assume?

Where is that universal confusion sign?

I feel better already...