21 August 2006

Does one trick pony change its spots?

There is nothing like a mixed metaphor to get some people angry, and being angry is a good state to start reading this post. Because it will calm you down, I promise.

It all started when I have stumbled on an article When Jews Behave Like Nazis, They Become Nazis on a site aptly named Signs of the Times. The site by itself deserves (limited) attention, being inhabited by some choice loonies. Conspiracy theories galore, the Elders' tentacles choking the whole world (as usual missing the site owners for some reason), all kinds of 9/11 theories, miscellaneous kneebiting; in short, you want it - you name it.

However, this post is only about the author of the article - a certain Khalid Amayreh, already mentioned briefly on this blog. Apparently a run of the mill Holocaust denier, ten for a penny on a market day. Aside of his mug, slightly reminiscent of John Demjanjuk, there really isn't anything unusual in this character. One trick pony, if there ever was one.

But now our friend Khalid is undergoing a serious change of heart regarding Holocaust. True, the external symptoms are hard to recognize, but if you read the article, suddenly it become very clear: Khalid is transforming from the initial pupa stage of Holocaust denial to the mature stage of Holocaust envy!

The general line of the article is to persuade the reader that Jews are now indulging in the same good old genocide the Nazis were so expert in. Which, by inference, negates the credo previously held by Khalid: that the Nazis were actually pure lambs, maligned by the awful Zionists. See where the change starts? How a new and beautiful insect is breaking through the old and obsolete cocoon?

There is no doubt Jews suffered a lot during WWII. Nobody can deny this fact.

Ain't this quote amazing? Such a transformation from the old Khalid that used to offer sentences like this one:

...shouldn't the world, particularly those who have been exposed and victimized by Zionist lies, doubt the Zionists' official stories about other issues, such as the holocaust, for example?

Really, I can already see the next change of heart, the one where we'll become friends with Khalid. Take, for example, this sentence - it almost made me cry tears of happiness:

Well, nobody is claiming that Gaza is becoming a new Auschwitz.

As a matter of fact, there is somebody. Goes by name Jose Saramago, and don't I love his books?
But we are sure, Khalid, that you will talk to the old boy and show him the mistake of his ways, will you? So the next time I reread the Stone Raft, I wouldn't have to guess why the old coot went so totally bonkers.

So, Khalid, I am looking forward to that future harmony. It is true that you are still stuck on that genocide claim. But what is a bit of a genocide between friends?

And the last remark, regarding this complaint of yours:

I know that many Jews get vociferously furious whenever Israeli-Nazi analogies are drawn, especially by Europeans and westerners.

See, Khalid, here is one Jew that doesn't get furious. Want us to look like Nazies to satisfy your newly acquired Holocaust envy? Fine, as long as we remain friends, buddy. Chill out - like the readers of this post.