07 August 2006

Blooper of the week award

The following quote comes from a longer post by JudeoSphere which is worth reading in its entirety.

"No one is denying Israel the right to defend its borders. But rockets fired across the border don't threaten the existence of a state," writes Claudia Kuhner in the Swiss daily Zurcher Tages-Anzeiger, for example.

Is your flabber gasted? I know, it takes some time to get your head around that shining example of mental acrobatics. And you know what: I do not doubt that Ms Kuhner was driven by the best motives writing this. I am absolutely sure she is not anti-Israeli or, deity forbid, anti-Semitic.

And she truly regards a few (or a few thousands) of puny Katyushas as a minor bother that could be shrugged off as easily as a tepid cappucino she may get from an inattentive waiter in a Zurich cafe.

She is just plain stupid.

to JudeoSphere.