23 August 2006

Yet another carnival - men not invited

I had lots of trouble deciding on a header for this post. The idea for the post was to select a subset of bloggers we link to for a mini-carnival, since I cannot read all the linked blogs in one go.

After a short while I have decided to select by gender. After all, no matter what the selection criteria will be, some guardian of political correctness will find a way to accuse, convict and execute me. So I might as well enjoy my favorite kind of people while uncrucified.

Then the problem with the header raised its ugly head. "Female bloggers" - yuck, sounds like chalk scratching on a board. "Girly blogs" - for Hak Mao it's OK, but I will be crucified as sure as death and taxes. Anyhow, "girls" is totally un-PC these days, almost like "broads". Etc etc, so when I got in to the "person of female persuasion", I have decided on another way of tackling the problem.

So here it goes, with a few words of caution: I am not absolutely sure about the gender of some of the bloggers we link to, so if I missed a blog owned by a woman (girl, person of female persuasion, ...), my profuse apologies. Group blogs were skipped on general principle, aside of smallish groups.

Are We Being Ants or Grasshoppers?, asks WestBankMama of West Bank Blog in a great post. I suspect we are closer to donkeys, but the post is good, and my sole remark is somewhere there.

Liorah of Walking on Fire offers a beauty of a poem titled Impulse, Chasdai David Hane'emanim.
(I know that my limited brain gets only about 25% of it, but still...)

Cripes! Please stop!, says Rachel of Tinkerty Tonk about the deluge of animated-gif-filled chain letters, hitting the nail on the head. My sentiments exactly.

Deborah of The Thought Mill caught the hypocrites of UN in UN Permits Wide Use Of Force. Good job, Deborah. (прохиндеи паршивые)

In Blogthing of the day Lesley of The Debris Field discovers that some new-fangled site analyzed her inner "me" and told her: "Congratulations, you are definitely quite emotionally mature.
Although you have your moments of moodiness, you're usually stable and level headed."
You should not believe everything they tell you, Lesley, I swear - the aliens know better.

"I'm melting" is the current problem experienced by Yael of Step-By-Step: making Aliyah. The only advice I can give is too flippant: no sweat, as they say down under. Really, sweating is very good for you - I was told that sweat gets out some bad stuff out of our bodies and this is supposed to be healthy. A worrying thing about Yael's post is that cats are not mentioned...

Scribbles of Small Town Scribbles is in a dark mood right now. When experts attack: Killer theories is her last post, and it's mainly about offing people. I know that having an ailing hubby at home 24x7 could be an irritant. I know it from SWMBO herself, and it definitely inspires a certain direction of thinking, she added.

Noorster of ShutterFool reports on her Armageddon day (August 22). Her Armageddon day came in the form of a regular beach dork, it appears.

When a single death becomes a collective symbol is a superb post Lisa of On The Face dedicates to the death of Uri Grossman. She is right - outsiders just do not get what we feel.

Lay off Halutz, says Imshin of Not a Fish, and she is 150% right, whatever are Halutz's sins - the whole stupid story is just... too stupid. Anyway, why did she disable comments on her blog?

This post made me think twice is a post by Miriam of Miriam's Ideas about the crafty (or, rather, stupid) ways of MSM. A good one, too.

Meryl partially fulfills a Picture request, giving a brief glimpse at the environs of her vacation place. She refuses to provide a picture of the beach (what did the guy really wanted to see?). Apparently she has enough time for a few broadsides at some enemies of Israel, though...

Tanisha/Tova of La Dolce Diva / Journey of a Gera keeps disappearing under a variety of excuses like Just two weeks...

Irina of The Ignoble Experiment got out of the closet in a post In Which She Reveals A Nasty Little Secret. Titillated? I shall leave you in this state, go and read the post...

The Colorless Shades is the name of a poem by Saba of Hope and Beyond I quite loved. The poem, I mean. Er... just to make it clear to interested parties.

Hak Mao of Hak Mao offers a riddle in Russian cheetie and the Rav. I would offer my solution, but the wording that will not cause this blog to be closed forever is escaping me... That Hak Mao gal, she knows how to discombobulate a person when she wants to...

Olah Chadasha of The Greetings from The French Hill is in apocalyptic mood in The Wars To Come... post. Cheer up, OC, it will become much worse before it starts showing the first indications of getting really bad.

This blog has temporarily moved is the latest pronouncement by Rinat of Balagan. Knowing about her mercurial character, she is currently in many more places than just London. Simultaneously, that is...

And finally, Angua of the Angua's First Blog is still silent. Why? Am I linking to a wrong place?

OK, that's it for now. It was hard work, but I enjoyed every minute of it.


P.S. Using the Blogger's spell checker is sometimes a pure delight. This is one of the times. Jumping on the word "uncrucified" created by me on purpose, the spell checker offered a better (in its opinion) alternative: "uncircumcised"...