09 August 2006

From Russia with common sense

This article in Lenty.ru provides a refreshing example of the critical view on hostilities in Lebanon.

Not sparing both sides, the author (Ivan Jacobina) sees through the Hizbullah's smoke screen (translation mine):

According to optimistic announcements of the Arab MSM, transmitting information incoming from the radical Shia movement, Israelis are unable to show any progress on the ground, and effectiveness of their air force is close to zero.

As a confirmation of their claims, militants launch 150-200 rockets daily at the territory of Israel and keep IDF units in south Lebanon under constant fire. The terrorist attacks become more and more painful.

The members of Hizbullah are customarily complaining that Israel is firing not at them, but at the peaceful civilians. They explain that the innocent victims, of course, arrive directly to paradise, so leaving their rocket launchers and armory stocks in civilian homes they [the terrorists] are doing a favor to the people living in these homes.

Apparently, thanks to such a touchy concern militants show to the eternal life of their compatriots, many of these compatriots will go to heavens before their time.

It seems that seeing dying women and children is a tonic for the terrorists.

Leaders of Hisbullah assure that there is no morale problems in their ranks and, on the contrary - their spirit is getting stronger and new supporters are joining these ranks.

The militants explain their successes by assistance from the celestial power and religious fervor of their fighters. It must be added that these, maybe important, but not easily quantified, factors are augmented by Russian anti-tank grenade RPG-29 launchers, that appeared in a mysterious way in the hands of active Jihad supporters. According to MSM (including the Israeli ones), the 105-mm Vampire is fairly effective in the fight against tanks like Merkava, used by IDF.

It is obvious that preparing for a long war with Israel, leaders of Hizbullah relied not only on Allah's help, but to a major degree upon Russian weapons industry.

Maybe this is the reason that sheikh Nasrallah and his brethren are not showing signs of panic yet, but, on the contrary - display their readiness to fight till their main demand - liberation of their prisoners - is satisfied.

The optimism, radiated by both sides of the conflict, is surprising. Who has more reasons to be happy by the current situation on the battlefield - the near future will show.