20 August 2006

Good news / bad news

Another two related news items:

Emboldened by the Hezbollah's "victory", several dictators feel that their time to assert themselves is due.

In response to the US-UK proposal to send 17,000 soldiers to Darfur to end the Arab genocide of Africans in Sudan, President Omar al-Bashir boasts: "?We are determined to defeat any forces entering the country just as Hezbollah has defeated the Israeli forces."

Further, in response to the ceasefire, the Syrian population is increasingly pushing its leaders to attack Israel now. In reference to the Golan Heights, from which Syrians mounted invasions and terrorism, a state-run Syrian newspaper boasts that Syrians "will not allow our land to be occupied forever. You must understand that our people will fight the way the Lebanese resistance fought you."

Some people are seriously deluding themselves or are being deluded. Some people should take heed of the following:

(DailyAlert)According to semi-official sources, Hizballah has undergone total destruction of its logistic and economic infrastructures, and suffered about 1,500 deaths of militiamen and leaders.

(More where it comes from).

Not being a government mouthpiece (we, the Elders, never stoop so low), this blog will not toe the party line Olmert is peddling. The whole Lebanese war was not a victory in many senses. But from here to Hezbollah's trumpets...

Anyway - is a deluded enemy worse than a sober one? So, in this case the bad news could be not so bad, after all.

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